Think you can't afford a website? In this day and age, you can't afford NOT to have a website to market your product or service. FWS has a solution for you . . . our




This $465 package (a $525 value) includes:


  • One domain name, i.e., www.yourbooktitle.com*
  • A one-page professional presence on the World Wide Web
  • A customized banner reflecting your identity
  • Contact information so your customers can reach you
  • Search engine optimization (so your customers can find you easily)
  • Web hosting for one year



*$15 per year each for additional domains (.org, .net, .info, etc.); hosting fee is $15 per month.


Domain Registration







$15.00 per year

Communication. The standard for domain connections
and commerce.


$15.00 per year

Network. Normally used for a company with
international contacts.


$15.00 per year

Organization. Normally used for a company with
international contacts.


$15.00 per year

Information. Normally used for informational websites.


$15.00 per year

Business. Normally used for e-commerce websites


$15.00 per year

United States. For individuals and companies in the USA.

Standard Pricing for Custom Static Web Design

  • Home Page only $400 
  • Additional Pages $100 each


Hosting Fee

$180 initial rate for one year (monthly rate of $15), payable when the work begins. Subsequent invoices will be billed annually (on the anniversary date when the site goes "live"), at the same rate or mutually agreed upon increase. Sorry, no refunds if you decide to relocate your site.


Website Content

  • Website content for Fruitbearer authors will be provided jointly by Fruitbearer Publishing and the author.
  • Non-Fruitbearer authors will need to provide FWS with text content as well as unique graphics (author photo, book cover, logo, etc.).
  • We'll work together to get the wording just right (this includes meta tags to improve search engine hits).
  • Custom web graphics and color scheme are included in the price of the web design package.


Video and Animation

Flash video and YouTube can be used in the basic package. Fee for setup will be determined by complexity.


Additions and Editing

  • The beauty of this arrangement is that, after initial setup, authors will be given access so they can update the content on their own.
  • If the client prefers for Fruitbearer to handle additions, corrections, or other changes after the initial setup, the client will be billed as follows: Pay-as-you-go maintenance is charged at an hourly rate of $65. Unlike most web development companies, we only charge per quota (capped every 15 minutes). For example, if a project takes 15 minutes or less, the cost would be $17; between 15-30 minutes would cost $33; 30-45 minutes = $22, and a full hour $65.


 Custom Logo Design

  • Custom logo design is $200-$1200, depending on complexity.



  • Fruitbearer authors' books will be linked to the Fruitbearer online store at no charge.
  • If a non-Fruitbearer author has a listing with Amazon or other online venue, a link for sales can be provided at no charge.
  • If a FWS client desires a shopping cart of their own, we can set it up for you for an additional fee based on our hourly rate. Here is our monthly pricing schedule for eShops that are not affiliated with Fruitbearer Publishing:


Beginner eShops
(Up to 50 Products)

Small to Medium eShops
(Up to 300 Products)

eCommerce Professionals
(Up to 20,000 Products)

Starter eShop


Professional eShop



Advanced eShop


Payment Terms

One-half payment is due in advance of beginning all web design projects, and the other half when the site goes "live."




Domain Registration (.com, .net, .org, .info) = $60 (per year)


Site Creation and Design for six pages, including your book linked to the Fruitbearer eStore = $900 (one-time fee)


Hosting Fee = $180 (per year)


TOTAL for 6-page website: $1,140.00

($570 due when contract is signed, before work begins, and the other half due when the site goes "live")


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